Wilkon offers a range of products with extremely high thermal conductivity, including thermal grease, thermal conductive adhesive and thermal encapsulation materials. These products are mainly used in thermal dissipation of electronic and related equipment to ensure stable operation of the device.

在電子電氣領域,由于集成技術和微封裝技術的發展,電子元件和設備向小型化與微型化發展,這種趨勢的后果便是在有限的體積內產生了更多的熱量,如果熱量不能及時的散發,熱量積聚過多將會導致元件工作溫度升高,影響其正常工作,嚴重時還會使電子元件失效。統計資料表明電子元件溫度每升高2℃,可靠性下降10 %;溫升50℃時的壽命只有溫升25℃時的1/6。

In the electrical and electronic fields, with the development of integration and micro-encapsulation technology, electronic components and equipment are more inclined to miniaturization and microminiaturization. The consequence of this trend is that more heat is generated within a limited volume. If the heat cannot be dissipated timely, excessive heat accumulation will cause rising working temperature of components, thus affecting its normal work and even causing electronic component failure. Statistics show that if the electronic component temperature is increased by 2℃, its reliability will be decreased by 10%; if temperature is increased by 50℃, its lifetime is only 1/6 compared with temperature increased by 25%.


Usually a metal heat sink will be used to dissipate the heat away generated by components. It will form a larger surface area or part of the external components. The thermal components are usually connected to the metal mechanically. The limitation of this approach is the presence of air in the gap at the junction. Air is a poor conductor of heat, and will seriously affect the thermal performance. A flexible thermally conductive material will be typically used to fill the gaps to remove air. Our products have excellent thermal performance, ensuring the heat flowing from components to the metal heat sinks in the fastest speed.


A key issue in the solar heating system is to transfer the most heat at minimal loss. Our superior thermal grease (thermal conductivity greater than 3.0W/m.k) is an ideal product to solve this problem.


Wilkon provides silicon-free thermal grease, which is a thermally conductive grease composed of silicone-free base oils and other fillers. Compared with traditional thermal grease, silicone-free thermal grease can solve the problem of releasing dissociative silicon molecules and migration over time during the use of traditional thermal grease.


Migration generated by silicon-free thermally conductive material usually has two negative impacts on electronic products. One impact is that many indentations are generated on the junction surface of silicone grease and the heat sink, reducing the contact area with the heat sink and thus weakening the thermal conductivity of the material. Another impact is that dissociative silicon molecules will contaminate the switch contacts of electronic products. At high pressure, insulating silicon oxide will be formed on the contact surface, resulting in poor contacts. Silicon-free thermally conductive materials are commonly used in high-tech and high-cost electronics, including high-precision manufacturing industries like communications and computers.


Thermal conductive adhesive has excellent substrate adhesion strength. With its substrate adhesive property and thermal conductivity, the thermal conductive adhesive can fix the heat sink firmly on the heating element and provide thermal dissipation function. Most of these materials are two-part and one-part systems. Two-part materials are easy and cheap to store, while one-part materials are easy to use, but usually require high temperatures for curing.


Apart from traditional flexible heat-transfer agents or thermal conductive adhesives for gap filling, Wilkon also provides resins with high thermal conductivity for pouring and sealing. This kind of material can ensure anti-vibration, waterproof and enhance dielectric strength during operation of the electronic products, but also assist in solving the thermal dissipation problem of electronic products, such as those using MOS tube and high-power transformer.

Non-Silicon Thermal Conductive Paste無硅導熱脂
Silicone Heat Transfer Compound導熱硅脂


Since Wilkon's  foundation, we have established cooperation with a number of powerful state-owned enterprises, military enterprises, listed companies, private companies or international companies. We provide quality-stable materials and efficient service. Our sales staff has gone through rigorous training and has extensive application experience. These all guarantee that Wilkon constantly gets more customers’ trust and recognition. If there’s any inquiry on chemical materials, please feel free to contact us.
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