Almost all products manufactured by factories are composed of various components, which need to be fixed or connected in different ways. In the assembly process, in addition to mechanical fastening (eg: screws, rivets, welding and interference fit connections), using adhesive for fixing and bonding is another important method.


Adhesive is a material to bond objects together by adhesion. It’s existed in the form of liquid, film or paste. Compared to mechanical means, using adhesive has many advantages, some of which cannot be replaced by mechanical means, for example:


?Adhesive can be effectively applied to bond different kinds of metal or nonmetal materials (for example: metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, cork, glass, wood, paper, fiber, etc.), which cannot be easily bonded by mechanical means.


?Evenly distributed in the adhesive surface, adhesive can transfer load across a large area, without stress concentration problem in spot welding, bolted connection or riveting. This is very important as substrate can be made thinner considering the weight and cost.


??Connecting seam between the bonded objects is well sealed in water, air or other environmental media, which is not available for mechanical connection.


???On some decorative boards, using adhesive can avoid protruding rivet or bolt heads that will occur to mechanical connection, making connections more beautiful.

There is stress concentration problem by using bolts.

Stress on adhesive surface is even.


Adhesives can have different categories based on molecular structure, and these categories have different strengths and weaknesses and areas of application:


Epoxy Adhesive


Acrylate Adhesive


Polyurethane Adhesive

*? 對金屬和熱固性復合材料具有卓越的粘附力;

?* 具有高強度和高剛性的特點;

?* 高抗蠕變性;

?* 高抗疲勞強度;

* ?耐高溫性能優異;

?* 優異的耐化學腐蝕性;

?* 優異的耐候性;

* ??excellent adhesion to metal and thermosetting composites;

?* high strength and rigidity;

??* high creep resistance;

??* high fatigue strength;

??* excellent resistance to high temperature;

??* excellent chemical resistance;

??* excellent weather resistance.

*? ?對金屬、熱塑性塑料和熱固性復合材料具有優異的附著力;

?* 基材表面的污染物耐受性高;

?* 同時具有高剛性和高韌性的特點;

?* 抗疲勞強度高;

* ?優良的耐化學腐蝕性;

?* 優異的耐候性;

?* 固化迅速(粘合特性);

* ??excellent adhesion to metal, thermoplastic and thermosetting composites;

?* high pollution tolerance on substrate surface;

??* high rigidity and toughness;

??* high fatigue strength;

??* excellent chemical resistance;

??* excellent weather resistance;

??* rapid curing (adhesive properties).

*? ?對大多數復合材料和塑膠底材具有極佳的粘附力;

?* 對金屬底材具有優良的粘附力;

?* 機械性能從剛性到柔性;

?* 耐低溫性能優異;

* ?抗疲勞強度高;

?* 優良的耐候性

* ??excellent adhesion to most composites and plastic substrates;

?* good adhesion to metal substrates;

??* mechanical properties from rigid to flexible;

??* excellent resistance to low temperature;

??* high fatigue strength;

??* excellent weather resistance;

在電子工業領域,因為小型化、基材多樣化和美觀等要求,粘接技術的應用更能體現其產品的特點,因而得到廣泛的使用。但與其他傳統的行業不同比較,例如建筑、汽車或者五金板件等。電子工業領域在選擇膠黏劑時附帶了更多其他性能上的要求。 --參考右表

In the electronics industry, the application of bonding technology can better reflect the characteristics of products because of miniaturization, substrate diversification and aesthetic requirements; therefore bonding technology is now widely used. However, compared with other traditional industries, such as architecture, automotive or hardware plate, the electronics industry has more requirements on properties when selecting the adhesive. – Please refer to the right table.


With excellent properties, adhesives have been widely used in aerospace, architecture, automotive, packaging and mechanical & electronic engineering.


Wilkon’s abundant and diverse adhesives come from renowned chemical manufacturers in Europe and America, so we can provide a variety of adhesives in high properties and different uses for customers with different needs. In addition, by virtue of our years of application experience and laboratory, we can provide various cost-effective solutions to our customers, which will help them to get effective assistance and management in productivity, cost and product design.

PU Adhesive聚氨酯膠黏劑
EP Adhesive環氧樹脂膠黏劑
Thermally Conductive Adhesive導熱膠黏劑
Other Adhesives其他膠黏劑


Since Wilkon's  foundation, we have established cooperation with a number of powerful state-owned enterprises, military enterprises, listed companies, private companies or international companies. We provide quality-stable materials and efficient service. Our sales staff has gone through rigorous training and has extensive application experience. These all guarantee that Wilkon constantly gets more customers’ trust and recognition. If there’s any inquiry on chemical materials, please feel free to contact us.
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