高性能丙烯酸三防材料  HPA

產品代碼: HPA200H - HPA05L


A flexible, fast drying transparent acrylic conformal coating for the protection of electronic circuitry formulated to meet the highest defence and aerospace requirements.

Product Data Sheets / 產品數據表

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  • HPA是專為保護最高等級軍事及航空航天領域的電路設計的高性能、柔韌快干丙烯酸電路板三防材料。通過US MIL-1-46058C認證。僅供專業人士使用。

    HPA is a high performance acrylic conformal coating specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of many applications found in the defence and aerospace industries. HPA is approved to MIL-1-46058C and has been formulated for professional use only.

    *Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates;
    *Fluoresces under UV light for ease of inspection;
    *Wide operating temperature range;
    *Excellent Dielectric properties;
    *Non-corrosive to Cadmium and Zinc plate (contains no phenols);
    *Resistant to mould growth;
    *Cured coating can be removed with (ULS);
    *Can be soldered through without fear of highly toxic gases being produced (contains no isocyanates);
    *Protection of high precision electronic circuit board;
    *Meet the highest defence and aerospace requirements;
    *Protection of military equipment circuit;
    訂貨號|Order Code 凈重/凈容量|N.W or N.V 包裝|Packaging
    HPA200H 200ml 瓶裝氣霧劑| Aerosol
    HPA05L 5 L 桶裝| Bulk
    通用丙烯酸稀釋劑 | Universal Acrylic Thinners
    UAT05L 5 L 桶裝| Bulk


Since Wilkon's  foundation, we have established cooperation with a number of powerful state-owned enterprises, military enterprises, listed companies, private companies or international companies. We provide quality-stable materials and efficient service. Our sales staff has gone through rigorous training and has extensive application experience. These all guarantee that Wilkon constantly gets more customers’ trust and recognition. If there’s any inquiry on chemical materials, please feel free to contact us.
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